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Front Line Deminstration

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Front Line Demonstrations 2019-2020 (On going)

  • Demonstration of management protocol for enhancing  income from paddy in other than kole lands
  • Precision farming techniques & bunchcovering equipment for  high qualitybunches in banana
  • Prophylactic management of rhizome weevil and pseudostem weevil in banana
  • ICM practices in short duration turmeric variety IISR Pragati
  • Wilt resistant tomato variety      ‘Manuprabha’ with ICM
  • Sampoorna-Secondary and Micronutrient Mixture for Banana
  • Topical application of Ceylon oak(Schleichera oleosa) oil for ecto-parasite control and heal bite injuries
  • Shade tolerant guinea grass ‘CO (GG) 3’ in densely planted coconut homesteads
  • In-situ moisture conservation measures in coconut garden
  • CPS level management of rhinoceros beetle in coconut using Metarrhizium anisopliae
  • IISR Micronutrient  Mixture in Black Pepper
  • Management protocol for enhancing income from coconut


Front Line Demonstrations 2018-2019 (Completed)

  • Precision  farming techniques in open field vegetable cultivation
  • Year round vegetable cultivation in homesteads under rain shelter
  • Demonstration of wilt resistant tomato variety manuprabha with ICM
  • Demonstration of ICM practices to drought resistant turmeric variety IISR pragathi
  • Management of sigatoka leaf spot in banana
  • Demonstration of IPM package for management of fruit fly in bittergourd
  • Demonstration of high yielding short duration paddy variety Manuratna
  • Demonstration of sampoorna micro nutrient mixture for banana
  • Demonstration of IISR micro nutrient mixture in black pepper
  • Demonstration of new strain of oyster mushroom "Arka OM1"
  • Shade tolerant guinea grass CO(GG)3 in densily planted coconut homesteads.
  • Ethno veterinary herbal medicine for prevention of mastitis in dairy cattle

Front Line Demonstrations 2017-2018 (completed)

  • Short duration heat tolerant cowpea variety
  • In-situ moisture conservation measures in coconut garden
  • Management of wild boars using Boarep
  • Demonstration Of Sampoorna Micro Nutrient Formulation In Rice
  • Management of Amaranthus leaf blight using cowdung slurry supernatant and P. fluorescens
  • Community approach for management of coconut rhinoceros beetle using Metarhizium
  • Demonstration of mosaic resistant cowpea variety Geethika in Malappuram district
  • Demonstration of Onion Cultivation in Malappuram district with variety Arka Kalyan
  • Demonstration of new strain of milky mushroom “Bheema
  • Demonstration of Hybrid napier variety CO5 for intercropping in coconut plantations
  • Anti stress medication to improve estrus manifestations in cows
  • EDP programme on Value addition and product diversification in Grand Naine banana.
  • EDP programme on Value addition and product diversification in Jack fruit

Front Line Demonstrations 2016-2017 (completed)

  • Short duration green gram variety CO 8 for rice fallows
  • Demonstration of High yielding Paddy variety ‘Shreyas’
  • Demonstration of Good Agricultural Practices in Nendran banana in Malappuram district
  • Portable vertical farming structure for vegetables with drip irrigation
  • Wick irrigation for terrace cultivation of vegetables
  • Cow dung slurry supernatant and Pseudomonas for the management of root diseases in cowpea

  • Community approach for management of coconut rhinoceros beetle using Metarhizium

  • Integrated management of  Ganoderma wilt in coconut

  • Demonstration of soil test based management strategy in coconut gardens

  • Demonstration of scientific rearing of dual purpose quail in Malappuram District

  • Ethnoveterinary herbal medicine for prevention of mastitis in dairy cattle

  • Demonstration of new strain of Pleurotus florida (oyster mushroom)

  • Value addition and product diversification in  Nendran banana

Front Line Demonstrations 2015-2016 (completed)

  • Short duration variety green gram CO 6
  • Rice disease management using trichoderma
  • Grafting against bacterial wilt of commercial solanaceous hybrids
  • Semi trailing variety Swarna haritha
  • Drip irrigation for homesteads
  • Micronutrient formulation AYAR
  • Pseudostem weevil management using beauveria
  • Mineral mixture supplementation to reduce post parturient complications in goats
  • Homestead mushroom spawn production in EDP mode
  • Wonder climber for areacnut harvesting

Front Line Demonstrations 2014-2015 (completed)

  • Weed management in transplanted rice using granular herbicide bensulfuron methyl + pretilachlor.
  • Area wide management of red palm weevil using pheromone trap through Coconut Producers Societies.
  • Organic management of cowpea root rot using Pseudomonas.
  • Demonstration of minor legume vegetables.
  • Management of banana pseudostem weevil using chlorantraniliprole 0.4% G.
  • EDP on value addition in seasonal fruits using fruit pulp concentrator.
  • Demonstration of arecanut dehusker.
  • Short duration tapioca variety Vellayani Hraswa.
  • Demonstration of high yielding tomato variety ‘Manulakshmi'.
  • Prophylactic area wide CPS level management of Bud Rot in Coconut by placing Mancozeb sachet.
  • Anti stress medication in anoestrus cattle.
  • Management of wilt disease in cucurbits using Pseudomonas.
  • Regular deworming in backyard poultry.

Front Line Demonstrations 2013-2014 (Completed)

  • Jute threads impregnated with Ecodon for repelling wild boars during summer.
  • Area wide management of red palm weevil using pheromone trap through Coconut Producers Societies.
  • HY variety of cowpea “Vellayani Jyothika.
  • Organic cultivation of amaranth variety ‘Renusree’.
  • Management of rhizome rot in banana through prophylactic drenching with Pseudomonas .
  • IIHR Vegetable Special for commercial cucurbit cultivation.
  • High yielding Hybrid Napier Variety Supriya.
  • Ivermectin therapy for improvement of growth and productivity in goats
  • Milky mushroom cultivation on banana sheath.
  • Cultivation of Oyster mushroom on rubber wood saw dust
  • Modification of Dairy cattle ration incorporating household food wastes

Front Line Demonstrations 2012-2013 (Completed)

  • Stem borer and leaf roller management using chlorantraniliprole.
  • Popularisation of Thilarani variety of sesame.
  • Foot rot Management using Trichoderma in betelvine.
  • Intercropping in coconut through mini sett planting of Amorphophallus var. Gajendra.
  • Popularisation of Kashi kanchan variety of cowpea.
  • Popularisation of Coleus variety Nidhi.
  • CTCRI Cassava harvester.
  • Hybrid Napier High yielding variety Supriya.
  • Popularisation of milky mushroom cultivation on house terraces.
  • High yielding oyster mushroom CO(OM) 2.
  • Rearing of stingless honey bees.

Front Line Demonstrations 2011-2012 (Completed)

  • Management of Baya weaver birds using metalized reflective ribbons.
  • High yielding drought resistant upland variety ‘Vaisakh’.
  • Mulching with silver black LDPE sheet.
  • Popularization of carrot cultivation with Pseudomonas flurescens application against bacterial soft rot.
  • Popularisation of terrace cultivation of vegetables with Phosphobacter and Azospirillum.
  • Leaf axil filling of banana with crushed neem cake for the management of pseudostem weevil in banana.
  • Yeast feeding for weight gain in goats
  • Organic methods for pest control in mushrooms.

Front Line Demonstrations 2010-2011 (Completed)

  • Small fruited pumpkin variety Arka suryamuki
  • High yielding variety hot pepper vellayani athulya
  • Production of mechanized white pepper
  • Cost effective micro sprinkler developed by an innovative farmer
  • Management of stem bleeding in coconut
  • Bypass fat and mineral mixture for high yielding cattle
  • Controlled breeding in goats
  • Banana clump remover
  • Rotary tiller for cost effective inter-culture operation of garden land


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