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On-farm trials

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On farm trials  2016-2017 (completed)

  • Assessment of performance of ginger somaclones in coconut gardens for green ginger production
  • Assessment of  KAU coconut climber KERASURAKSHA
  • Management of cowpea aphid using ‘Raksha’
  • Assessment of the performance of arecanut climbing devices
  • Assessment of  Hybrid Napier variety CO5 for intercropping in coconut plantations

On farm trials  2015-2016 (completed)

  • Short duration paddy varieties for late planted kharif
  • Management of wild boars
  • Improved black pepper varieties for bush pepper production
  • Assesssment of ‘Nanma’ for the management of pseudostem weevil
  • Assessment of fertilizer broadcaster
  • Assessment of flooring conditions for the management of hoof problems
  • Assessment of new strains of oyster mushrooms

On farm trials 2014-2015 (OnGoing)

  • Assessment of Prathyasa variety of paddy.
  • Management of Falsesmut in paddy using fungicides.
  • Microbial consortium forbio solid house hold waste management.

On farm trials 2014-2015 (On Going)

  • Assessment of Pratyasha variety of paddy.
  • Management of False smut in paddy using fungicides.
  • Microbial consortium for biosolid household waste management.
  • Performance of Big Ebanga Nendran in Malappuram district.
  • Assessment of suitability of modified auger for banana cultivation.
  • Split application of lime in Nendran banana for better yield.
  • Performance of granular pesticide applicator.

On farm trials 2013-2014 (Completed)

  • Identification of short duration paddy varieties for escaping drought.
  • Performance of oyster mushroom CO-2 (Hypsizygus ulmarius) on different substrates.
  • Performance of turmeric varieties as intercrop in coconut
  • Management of root mealy bug Geococcus spp. in banana
  • Management of fungal diseases in rice using bio control agents .
  • Micronutrient supplementation and anti stress medication to improve estrus manifestations in cows
  • Wonder climber for Arecanut harvesting.

On farm trials 2012-2013 (Completed)

  • Management of rhizome rot in Banana
  • Management of pseudostem weevil using Granular insecticide formulations.
  • Modified flour roaster for concentrated fruit processing in small scale units
  • Paired row planting in bhindi to reduce the cost on drip irrigation.
  • Screening of short duration tapioca varieties for rice fallows.
  • Bio regulators for improving yield in cucumber.
  • Coconut water vinegar clarification using fining agents.
  • Neem soap for controlling cowpea aphid

On farm trials 2011-2012 (Completed)

  • Acidity management and Phosphorus nutrition in moderately acidic kole rice soils with Rock phosphate
  • Repelling wild boars using jute threads impregnated with Ecodon
  • Assessment of geo-textiles for bund protection in Kole lands
  • Bleaching of white pepper with Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Enhancing income from unit area in coconut based homesteads through intercropping.

On farm trials 2010-2011 (Completed)

  • Assessment of performance of carrot in Malappuram district
  • Management of papaya mealy bug
  • Management of Baya weaver bird in kole lands
  • Adaptability of brush cutter for paddy reaping
  • Varietial evaluation of oyster mushroom
  • Organic methods for pest control in mushroom
  • Management of banana psudostem weevil by leaf axial filling of neam cake
  • Assessment of hybrid napier suitable for sandy soils


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